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What is 3-Way Handicap Betting? Effective Playing Tips

4 months 6 days ago #926 by toan81790
In football betting, there are numerous enticing and diverse betting options for players to choose from, providing a unique and exciting experience. One of the preferred betting options is the 3-Way Handicap or 3W Handicap. Let's explore this betting type in the following article.

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Introduction to 3-Way Handicap Betting at bookmakers
The 3-Way Handicap can be understood as a form of Asian Handicap, but with 3 outcomes for players to bet on. The handicap odds are always whole numbers, such as 1, 2, etc. When participating in 3-Way Handicap betting, players can calculate the rewards and odds more simply and quickly. Additionally, this type of handicap betting shares similarities with Asian Handicap, making it easier to analyze the odds.
How to play 3-Way Handicap Betting
For experienced players, 3-Way Handicap betting is relatively straightforward. However, for newcomers, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the handicap odds and rewards. When the favorite team is given a handicap against the underdog, the outcome of the bet is determined as follows:
If the match ends with the favorite team leading by the same number of goals as the handicap given, both the "favorite" and "underdog" bets will be a draw.
If the favorite team wins by a greater margin than the handicap given, the "favorite" bet wins.
Similarly, if the favorite team loses or the goal difference is less than the handicap given, the "underdog" bet wins.

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Basic Characteristics of 3-Way Handicap Betting
Many people favor 3-Way Handicap betting due to the following appealing characteristics:
The 3-Way Handicap offers the most attractive payout rates among all variations of Asian Handicap bets.
Odds of the 3-Way Handicap are rounded, making it easier to strategize and calculate the bets.
This type of handicap betting is prevalent in many matches and major tournaments worldwide, making it convenient for players to bet.
With numerous participants, you can analyze the odds, learn from others' experiences, and improve your betting skills.
Secrets of Successful 3-Way Handicap Betting
To excel in this seemingly simple yet challenging betting type, you need to consider the following:
Play both the favorite and underdog bets together. This way, you will guarantee 100% rewards and protect your bankroll.
Not every match is suitable for 3-Way Handicap betting. Choose matches where there is a clear difference in strength between the two teams and a high potential for a significant goal difference. This will make your betting analysis more straightforward.
Analyze the matches thoroughly. Pay attention to details such as players, referees, weather conditions, and specific team tactics.

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The above information covers everything you need to know about 3-Way Handicap betting. It's no wonder many players favor this betting option. With its simplicity, straightforward rewards, and ease of odds calculation, players can quickly analyze and learn from odds. Enjoy the excitement of football betting with this intriguing option.

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