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Diablo 4 servers are down worldwide

11 months 2 weeks ago #789 by Ly082801
What you should know

The Diablo 4 items servers happen to be down for more than an hour already, and players are reporting endless queue times on social networking.

Some are experiencing error code 300202 or error code 300008.

Some players experienced their characters showing as deleted around the home screen before being kicked into the game.

UPDATE JUNE 8 (19:15 ET)

It appears like after over 2.5 hours of outages, the servers are slowly returning online. However, some players are reporting losing half an hour of game progress. We hope no epic loot got lost within the Diablopocalypse!

UPDATE JUNE 8 (18:28 ET)

Blizzard has updated their Customer Service Twitter with "We've reduced login rates to be able to alleviate pressure around the servers. Players might find extended login queues as the work is ongoing."

Players are reporting queues of well over 1000 minutes.

It's finally happened, Diablo 4 went down. Despite quite a smooth launch in Early Access and full release on June 6, earlier I was booted from my game and to the main menu. To find my character gone! Deleted!

I'm only some of the ones, a large number of players took to social networking to cry out about losing all their characters. Don't worry though, we'll be sure it will likely be fixed shortly.

Meanwhile, many of us are waiting together in the endless queue. Some are experiencing queue times during the 1 minute simply to be booted out and given a mistake message, some are quoting times during the 60 minutes or more.

What does error code 300202 mean?

After waiting within the queue, you might see the message 'There would be a problem logging in' (Code 300202). Don't worry, other players are becoming the same error message also it seems from the server issues.

What does error code 300008 mean?

Again error 300008 is a mistake message associated with timing out in the server queue, and associated with the current widespread issues. Check our known Diablo 4 bugs list if you have experienced every other issue with Diablo 4.

It appears like the problem is worldwide, as those watching Twitch for their loot drops are simply watching streams from the login error.

Some initially around the Diablo 4 support forums stated it had been only European servers affected, and just the Blizzard EU account acknowledged the problem at first, stating they were investigating it. However, from a cursory glance across Twitch and Twitter, it looked like the problem was more predominant.

We are investigating reports of login issues affecting #Diablo4 and dealing to resolve these as quickly as possible. June 8, 2023

Since posting, Diablo 4 staff Adam Fletcher and Rod Fergusson have both retweeted the mistake messages and acknowledged the problem, confirming the Diablo 4 team is difficult at work behind the scenes attempting to fix whatever makes the servers crash, and Blizzard Customer Service in America also have put out a comment.

We're aware of the issues and therefore are working as fast as we can to rectify them. Thank you for your patience.June 8, 2023

diablo 4 items for sale has already been the fastest-selling Blizzard game in history, outperforming its predecessor Diablo 3, therefore it is no surprise the servers are under pressure. What is a surprise however is the fact that it's taken this long, because the initial launch day and early access period were relatively smooth and free from issue.

Ummmm is real? lol pic.twitter.com/SMp2ZMUJVzJune 8, 2023

We'll update because the situation unfolds, but to date, the queues are just getting longer, with the above-mentioned player reporting a 400-minute wait. Perhaps you're ready to go download and play Diablo 3?

Diablo 4 can be obtained on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC... if you're able to log in.

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